All You should Know About Hole Saw For Electricians

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Hole saws are one of the most essential tools you will be able to find in the toolbox of workmen such as construction workers, handymen, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and etc.

It seems to play a very important role among a number of field jobs, and sure enough, it’s proven to be true. One of the things it does is to help workmen to easily create a hole for various purposes.

If hole saws were not invented, people would have a hard time dealing with hole operations as they would have to use a drill to create holes in different surfaces like studs, floors, and joists.

Before going further through the discussion of this tool, let us first answer the question the common question people, who are not that familiar with identifying certain tools, ask: “What is a hole saw and why will I need it?”

What Is a Hole Saw?


Hole saws are cylindrical cups with a toothed edge for cutting various sizes of holes in different kinds of materials. Literally, these tools doesn’t have anything to do with saws as they are cutting accessories, ring in shape, used with drills to create clean and round holes in different kinds of medium.

There are two types of hole saws, adjustable hole saws and circle cutter hole saws.

Adjustable hole saws consist of a number of thin metal saw blade-like strips, and a flat disc with numerous grooves in one side and a shank on the other.

Circle cutter hole saws are formed by having adjustable teeth on a platform with a pilot bit. This type is available in sizes, from a foot to a larger size. It can also be used for accurate large circle cutting.

Now that we have knowledge about what hole saws are, let us identify how it works. We all know that it lets users drill holes, if not flawlessly, in a very neat way. However, how would you work with such tool? What are the measures you’d want to know; especially when it’s your first time using a hole saw.

How Will You Work With a Hole Saw on Hand?

Choose the Right Size for the Specified Job: Like everything in this world has a certain part in a suited situation, every tool you have in your toolbox has a special role to play in a job suited for them. From screwdrivers to saws, these things have different sizes, shapes, and even types, because even if they are for the same type of operation, there will always be a situation that the job requires more than what the tool already have. The hole saw is no different from these tools, as size is the most important thing on this one. Determine the size of the hole you are going to make by using the measuring tape. Choose the proper hole size for accurate hole cutting.

Know How Deep It Has to Go: Determine how deep you want the hole to be when selecting the right hole saw bit. A hole saw bit can go an inch, by the standard. However, if you need a deeper hole for a specified job, look at the saw bit to check if you have the correct size.

Determine Which Drill to Use: When creating a hole, the drill is the perfect partner of hole saws. The choice of drill depends on the size of the hole you want to make, of course, considering the fact that the drill needs to have enough power to be able to actually make the hole you require and the material you’re drilling a hole through. Small holes need at least a drill with 12 volts while larger holes need more than that.

Use the Hole Saw: You have to locate the center of the hole you are going to drill and mark the starting point, creating a pilot hole and acting as a stabilizer. Line the pilot bit with the mark on the starting point and drill. While drilling, hold the tool firmly but slowly do so for friction reduction between the drill and the surface of the medium you’re drilling through. Make sure the hole saw drill you’re using is sharp as dull hole saws will tend to give you poor finished products.

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How To Use a Hole Saw

  1. Maintain a Proper Setup

    Mount the hole saw in the arbour. A hole saw that has an adjustable centre bit, it should extend past the toothed edge of the saw about 3/8 inch. If the center bit has a flat spot on its shank, align it with the setscrew then tighten the setscrew to secure the bit in place. Tighten the hole saw in the chuck of a corded drill.

  2. Do It Slowly but Surely

    The key to getting a clean, straight, and splinter-free hole is taking it slowly as it reduces the friction it generates when drilling a hole.

  3. Enlarge an Existing Hole via Clamping

    Clamp a ¼ inch piece of plywood over the existing hole to provide a solid surface for the centre bit. Jamming a wood plug into the existing hole will also do the job.

  4. Clear Out Dust When Drilling Deep Holes

    Always remember to withdraw the hole saw every five seconds to clear the sawdust build up in it.

Now we know how what hole saws are and how you can use them. We have pointed out earlier that you can’t actually make holes with a hole saw alone as it needs to be attached on a drill. However, another question links in with this point. “How do you attach it on a drill?”

How To Attach a Hole Saw on a Drill?

how to attach a hole saw on a drill

Choose your drill, wisely: Without a drill, a hole saw is pretty much useless as it only relies on the rotational power of the drill in order to comply with its main purpose. The recommended drill for the task of creating a hole has at least 14 volts of power. If you are going to use a cordless drill, make sure that the power is increased to 18 volts. Like what had been said in the previous section, the sharper the drill, the more consistent and accurate the finished product will be. Otherwise, it will result in a poorly finished product and unsatisfied users.

Connect the pilot drill to the chuck arbor: Pilot drill is what connects the hole saw to the drill, and hole saw packages usually come with this. This also provides an anchor to be able to connect the hole saw to the drill securely. It fits the hole saw on one end and the chuck arbor on the drill on the other end. Make sure that the pilot drill is firmly connected on the chuck arbor while it’s attached tightly in place.

Attach the hole saw to the pilot drill: Hole saws come in different sizes, from 1 inch to 4 inches and so on and so forth. Choose the hole saw with the size that is suited for the hole operation you’re about to do. Attach the hole saw bit to the pilot drill by using the threads in the chuck arbor. Screw the two tightly and use the screwdriver to make sure that the screws are firmly attached.

Lock the hole saw: After doing the earlier steps from this section, lock the hole saw using its featured mechanism. As soon as it is locked, then the drill is ready for use.

An important reminder: Make sure that the drill is not connected to a power source when you are attaching the hole saw to a drill.

The Best Hole Saw Kit You Should Go For

  • Bosch HSS Electrician Hole Saw

    bosch hole saw

This is a high speed steel holesaw set specifically for Electricians. It features the sizes they use every day and come in a sturdy plastic carry case. HSS Bi-Metal With 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime. For Drilling in steel and cast iron, structural steel, alloyed and unalloyed aluminium, bronze, copper, PVC, acrylic glass and wood. The cutting quality depends on the correct speed and the coolant used.


  • 9 piece holesaw set
  • For the toughest demands
  • Quickly and steadily through a wide variety of materials
  • Designed to cut metal, mild steel, aluminium, plastic and plasterboard
  • Progressive tooth strip for high cutting performace and fast chip clearance
  • HSS bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime

You can place an order for Bosch HSS Electrician Holesaw online at or Call/WhatsApp us 09090094868


We have reached the end of this article. Hopefully, this article helped you a lot in understanding more about hole saw; what it is and how it works. Knowing more about something is a big plus here in the age of information.

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