4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Safety Shoes

buying safety shoes online
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Safety shoes have an important purpose: they keep your feet safe from a range of different dangers at your workplace. As such, it is important to ensure that you choose the correct shoe, otherwise you risk compromising the shoe’s effectiveness and ultimately, your own safety. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying safety shoes.

1. Buying The Wrong Size

Most us are eager to make a purchase and be on our way. However, not taking the time to ensure an adequate fit can not only make your shoes uncomfortable and increase your risk of getting blisters, but it can also negatively impact your safety. If you buy shoes that are a bit too big, you risk tripping over them. Whether this happens because you sent someone to the store on your behalf (another mistake) or you simply did not try them on, it is imperative to take the time to ensure that fit perfectly.

Make sure you know your size before placing an order online for a safety shoe. You can use the footwear size chart in the image below to be sure you’re ordering for the right size.

safety footwear size chart

2. Failing To Take Your Workplace Conditions Into Consideration

Many people forget to take the range of their workplace conditions into consideration. Let’s say you work outside. As such, you would might want to consider a safety shoe that has a waterproof feature.

Failing to take your working conditions into consideration ultimately means that you are putting your own safety at risk. Roofers, for example, need to have slip-resistant shoes; for workplaces that deal with the lifting of heavy objects, it is imperative that their safety shoes have a steel cap at the tip. It is also necessary to choose a shoe that has been specifically approved by your workplace.

3. Prioritizing Style Over Function And Comfort

Related to the above mistake is prioritizing style over function — that is, choosing a boot based on style rather than on safety and comfort. Function and comfort should always come before style.

4. Not Choosing A Company That Specializes In Safety Shoes

Ultimately, choosing shoes based on price is a common mistake. Price should not be a main priority when safety is a primary concern. Usually, those who tend to buy cheap, lower-quality safety shoes tend to get them from larger corporations. Further, choosing inexpensive safety shoes means that you are not only compromising your safety, but they also have the tendency to be less durable over time, causing you to spend more money in the end anyway.

However, buying from a company that specializes in safety shoes means that you will be getting a quality shoe that is highly safe, durable and comfortable.


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