All You Need To Know About Cordless Impact Drivers

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What is an Impact Driver?

An impact driver is a tool that delivers a strong, sudden rotational and downward force, often used by mechanics to loosen larger screws (bolts) and nuts that are corrosively “frozen” or over-torqued.

The impact driver is the ultimate fastener. These cordless power tools are used to drive or loosen bolts and screws using strong rotational and downward force. Imagine a hammer quickly tapping the back of your driver and another hammer hitting a pair of locking pliers attached to your bit.

The added power increases the torque and driving pressure and relieves stress from your arm and wrist. Because of these mechanics, they are less likely to strip screws and are very precise to use.

An impact driver looks similar to a drill but for one noticeable distinction—instead of a keyless chuck, it has a collet that accepts hex-shanked driver bits. This tool is specially engineered to do one job: drive screws, which it does faster and easier than any other tool. Impact drivers can drive long, large fasteners—including fat lag screws—that would stall the very best drill.

Why Do You Need Impact Drivers?

  • They have higher torque than that of a drill.
    This tool both bumps and drills at the same time, and does so more efficiently than an ordinary drill. Therefore, it can wrench a screw into any kind of surface more quickly and accurately. The higher torque ensures that the best cordless impact drivers can effectively handle any material.
  • They are more efficient for some types of woodwork.
    If you like working with wood, especially making furniture, you will definitely need an impact driver to help you handle dimensional lumber frames and driving long sheet rock screws. Although these tasks can be performed using another tool, a cordless impact driver does this best.
  • They can drill large holes.
    An impact driver can replace a drill in some regards. The best cordless impact drivers with small bits can drill a hole more efficiently than the tools designed specifically for this purpose as they offer higher RPM.
  • You only need one hand to use them.
    According to the vast majority of cordless impact driver reviews, these tools are so easy to handle, you will only need one hand to do this. The best cordless impact drivers available on the market today feature an ergonomic design that makes it easy to believe that one can really wield this tool with ease.

As you can see, an impact driver is indeed a necessary tool if you are serious about your woodwork or want to have a full arsenal of handy equipment for various DIY jobs. However, note that even the best cordless impact drivers are rather loud, so you should use earplugs and muffs when using them.


How to Choose the Best Cordless Impact Drivers

There are quite a few high-quality tools available today, so picking the right one can be difficult.

To make a decision you won’t regret, you will need to consider your plans for the tool. How often are you going to use it? What exactly are you going to do with it? Answer these questions and assess the product’s description based on the answers. The features that will matter most are:

  • The best cordless impact drivers offer high torque, also known as rotational power. It is measured in inch-pounds. According to the vast majority of cordless impact driver reviews, a 700 inch-lbs. tool should suffice for simple DIY jobs. Professionals will require something closer to 1,500 inch-lbs. as only these tools can handle 10-inch screws.
  • The speed of these tools is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). The best cordless impact drivers offer over 1,200 RPM like the Bosch GSR 1440-L+ACC Drill Driver
  • As it is with all cordless tools, the power of cordless impact drivers is measured in volts. The voltage isn’t the most important feature unless you need a professional tool, in which case you will need to search for the most powerful one. The best cordless impact drivers can have voltage power from 10.4V to 18V, the Bosch GSR 1000 Professional has 10.8V power.
  • According to cordless impact driver reviews, quite a few of them turn out to be disappointments due to batteries that won’t hold the charge. Therefore, make sure to choose only the highest quality tools, like the ones listed on

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Differences Between Drills and Impact Drivers

Many of us already have the ever-handy drill in our garage or toolbox, but more recently, a new tool has emerged that looks a bit like the love child of a drill and a pug: the impact driver. This isn’t merely a new look for our trusty standby, but a whole new tool that excels in powering screws into tough materials with rapid, twisting blows. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you determine if you need one or the other — or both — in your arsenal.


» Works great on jobs requiring care or precision
» Applies a constant torque
» Accepts a wide variety of drill and screw-driving bits
» Accepts accessories such as wire-wheel brushes and rotary sanders
» Has a slip clutch that allows you to adjust torque
» Relatively inexpensive to purchase
» Can stall when driving long, large fasteners
» Has the potential to strip screws
» Bits can come loose in the chuck
» Can put strain on the user

Impact Driver

» Powers screws through some seriously dense material with more torque and concussive blows
» Prevents wrist strain because it’s doing more work
» Drives long screws with little effort
» Less likely to strip screws
» Easier to fit into tight spaces due to its smaller body
» Costs more than a drill
» Makes a lot of noise
» Only accepts hex-shanked driver and drill bits
» Too much of a beast for more precise, delicate jobs

Both of these handy companions are slowly moving towards a frankentool that combines the drill’s precise versatility with the impact driver’s power. In the meantime, as a general rule, if you’re working with drywall, softer woods, veneers, plastics, or brass screws, stick to the drill because it won’t dent or break the material. If you’ve got a project that requires a ton of screws, using long or thick fasteners, or driving through dense materials (such as building a deck), save your wrists and some time and go with an impact driver.

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