All You Need To Know About Supermax Inverter Battery

Product Spotlight: SuperMax Inverter Battery
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Inverter batteries are critical to the performance of an inverter power system. An inverter must run on at least one battery, because the power used by the inverter to supply your power requirement is drawn from a battery or set of batteries. The primary job of an inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) stored in the inverter battery, to alternating current (AC) used to power electrical appliances.

Inverter Battery Bank

So, we speak of an inverter’s battery bank. The concept should be clear. Power is stored (banked) in an inverter’s battery bank in the state a battery is designed to store (DC power) and that is what the inverter converts and provides in a form equipment can use (AC power), when there is no mains supply. An inverter with a built-in charge performs the additional role of charging those batteries when there is mains supply. If an inverter has no inbuilt charger, the user will need a separate charging system.

The battery bank an inverter needs will depend on the capacity of the inverter. This is also related to the load capacity intended for the inverter, including the expected backup duration to carry that load. Battery bank size will vary from one battery to a very large number of batteries.

 Product Spotlight: SuperMax Inverter Battery

SuperMax Inverter Battery

Super-max is a Valve-regulated Lead-Acid Batteries, they are manufactured in the state-of-the-art factories and are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The range covers almost all sizes and capacities required for all applications.Super-max Batteries are continuously upgraded and improved by a team on customer’s feedback.

A proven German Technology for years offers good electrical performance and better distribution of lead mass for current distribution and long grid life. The battery uses more plates, means more surface area giving more power.

Super-max is a lead acid battery without spill or messy fumes. This inverter battery has over 2500 cycles of life at a depth of discharge that is 50%. At a Temperature of 25℃ (77°F), the battery supplies a current of 10A at 10 hour rate with an internal resistance of ≤8mΩ

The manufacturing of this battery involves the use of HADI High pressure casting machine ensuring uniform grain and void-free structure. This Super-max inverter battery is a rechargeable battery.


Battery Capacity

Super-max battery comes with a 200AH capacity which can support all inverters. If it is 12 volts it can deliver 2400 watt hours or 200 times 12 watt-hours, that’s 2400 watts for one hour, or 240 watts for 10 hours. You can run one fan of 90 watts, two tube light of 30 watts and two CFL of 30 watts. That should be comfortable enough for 10 hours of support.


Capacity: 200 AH
Color: Black
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 58.0 KG(s)
Warranty: 24 Month(s)


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Choosing the Right Inverter Batteries to Use

Some critical considerations must guide your choice of inverter batteries to ensure they deliver a positive user experience:

  • Given the high cost of inverter batteries, you must ensure you buy inverter battery brand with good performance track record. This is plain value-for-money principle. All batteries are not born equal and what appears cheap now may cost more in the long term, if you have to replace batteries too soon. When batteries fail, your inverter is of no use, that’s why you should invest in SuperMax Inverter Battery if you want to ensure your batteries last as long as possible.
  • Deep cycle batteries are the ideal batteries recommended for your solar panels and inverters. The deep discharge technology is ideal for the extended power delivery required of the battery bank. Deep cycle batteries are built to withstand many cycles of deep discharge and to recharge each time power supply returns. Sealed, maintenance-free deep cycle batteries save you the inconvenience of battery checks.
  • Wet cell or flooded batteries can also be used to power inverters. They often offer a cheaper option, though with battery maintenance challenges. Checking and topping batteries is not a chore most people find easy, but it’s usually less demanding than is appreciated. If you can’t handle it, there is no point buying batteries that are allowed to dry up and go to ruins. However, the tubular battery option provides easy guage to check the electrolyte level in each battery cell. That reduces the work involved and could prove an attractive battery option, especially as the tubular batteries boast longer durability.

Where To Buy SuperMax Inverter Battery

SuperMax Inverter Battery is available for nationwide delivery exclusively on Call/Whatsapp 09090094868 or Order online HERE

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