How To Install Solar Panels And Inverters By Yourself

install solar panels
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Have you ever witnessed a scenario where you’re at home watching your favorite football team play or probably playing your favorite video game and at some point when the game gets heated up, there’s an interruption in power supply?.., argh!!! You can imagine the mixed reactions from those watching and of course the frustration that would follow.

Honestly, Solar panels & Inverter for home use has become a necessity than a luxury with frequent power cuts across Nigeria. People now want to run all home appliances including air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators for their convenience. read this article on how to choose the best inverter for your home.

Solar panels & Inverters have played a very pivotal role for those that want round-the-clock power supply and at some point have even been referred to as the “21st century alternative source of power in Nigeria” by This Day Live. Due to it’s noiseless and pollution-free capabilities, an Inverter is something every household should have.

How To Install Solar Panels And Inverters By Yourself

We have categorized the installation process into four different steps:

  1. Mounting The Solar Panel:

Here you may require some level of help from a roofer to enable the solar panel firmly nailed or screwed to your roof.
To have maximum harvest of sun rays by the solar, please place it where you can have direct sunlight.
When the solar panel is exposed to a direct sunlight, it should give you at least 26v if you use your multimeter or voltmeter to measure its voltage.

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2. Connecting Your Charge Controller:

The current we get from solar panels will not remain constant through out the day,  so therefore, you should not connect solar photo voltaic modules directly to charge your battery as it will damage the battery over time.

So you need a device called Solar Charge Controller to control the current we receive from solar panels. The charge controller has inbuilt PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) charger to charge the lead acid battery in three stages, which ensures long life for the battery.
The charge controller has three connecting points for Solar Panel(s), Battery and Direct Current(DC). If you look at the back of the solar panel  (the one we mounted in the first step), you will see two wires, they are positive (+) and negative (-). Connect them to where solar panel is indicated on the charge controller, connect positive to positive, negative to negative.

Solar Charge Controller - solar panel and inverter

Solar Charge Controller - Solar Panel and Inverter

3. Connect The Battery To Inverter:

At the back of your inverter, you will see where 12V DC input is indicated, connect the positive (+) terminal of the battery to the positive(+) terminal of the inverter and the negative (-) terminal of the battery to the negative(-) terminal of the inverter.

Please the inverter should remain OFF at the point.

Inverter battery

4. Connecting Battery To Charge Controller:

As stated in the third step (above), the Charge Controller has positive (+) and negative (-) terminals for the battery. Connect positive (+) from the charge controller to the positive for the battery and negative (-) from the charge controller to the negative of the battery.

Ensure that all connections are firm.


Connecting inverter charge controller

5. Loading Your House:

Please get an electrician to separate the load intended for the inverter, so that the inverter will not be strained or damaged when the house is powered.

i. Power the inverter, use your voltmeter to check the voltage from the inverter outlet, that should be 230V.

ii. Turn the inverter OFF.

iii. Turn OFF all your appliances

iv. Connect the inverter outlet to your house power mains.

V. Turn ON your inverter.

vi. Power your appliances, starting with least voltage consuming appliance.

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